Safe Connections 2.0

About SafeConnections

The SafeConnections Project is a partnership between Telstra and WESNET Safety Net Australia, where Telstra donates smartphones with pre-paid credit and WESNET distributes the phones through participating frontline agencies to survivors of domestic and family violence, sexual assault, and other forms of violence against women.

In addition, WESNET has been funded by the Federal Government to provide training and resources to front-line workers so they can support women experiencing technology facilitated abuse. The training covers all the ways that smart phones can be misused by perpetrators, how to help women be safer on technology, collect evidence that may help them hold their abusers accountable and how workers can safely provide the phones to women impacted by gender-based violence.

  • To whom will the smartphones be available?

    The phones are available to women through a network of frontline agencies. The brand new smartphones are available to any woman experiencing domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault or harassment who needs access to a safer phone.

    Having access to a brand new smartphone can help women stay connected, collect evidence against their abusers, and contact support services, especially if their current phone is compromised.

  • Training & education

    In addition to providing phones, WESNET offers training for front line workers on how to safely provide the phones to survivors and how to assist survivors to navigate forms of technology-facilitated abuse. The training is funded by the Commonwealth Government and is free of charge to participating agencies.

    These training consist of in-person trainings as well as online webinars. The training is designed to be current, comprehensive, and complements the Level 1 Training (eSafety Women) being delivered by WESNET and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

  • Resources

    WESNET also has available a wide range of handouts on technology-facilitated abuse at These handouts cover a wide range of topics, from maximising smartphone location privacy to increasing your smart phones security and privacy.

  • Frontline worker phone support

    Workers can also ring our Hotline to get expert advice on technology-facilitated abuse when they are working with clients.

  • Who is eligible to be a Safe Connections Local Agency?

    WESNET is seeking frontline agencies working with women experiencing domestic and family violence or sexual abuse to be part of an Australia-wide network of local agencies.

    The eligibility criteria for a Local Agency for the SafeConnections program is to be an incorporated charity, not-for-profit community organisation, and providing frontline services that support victims impacted by domestic or family violence, sexual assault or other forms of violence against women.

    Eligible agencies can include specialist VAW services as well as other frontline agencies that come into regular contact with women that may be experiencing violence and provide a case-management style of service delivery.

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