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Safe Connections

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We are pleased to announce that our funding has been renewed and expanded. We are currently onboaridng new Safe Connections agencies. To apply, please join our waiting list.

Smartphones for survivors.
Technology safety support for frontline workers.

What people are saying about SafeConnections

  • We know first hand that the phones given to our clients have been used in 000 incidents and when used as a second secret phone has provided clients with a sense of safety and the knowing that they can call for help.¬† This service saves lives.
  • Great for our women who feel so isolated without a phone, gives them the freedom to contact friends and family without fear of him knowing.
  • The program has been crucial in providing victims with a safe device that prevents ongoing abuse from their ex-partner and keeps them connected to family, friends and support services. Many women have had their previous mobile tracked and experienced ongoing harassment through calls and text messages. Most women don't have the funds to purchase a new phone due to financial abuse, so without this program they would continue to be stuck in the cycle of DV through technology abuse.
  • The relief that we see with the women who have received these phones knowing that they can no longer be tracked and have their emails, clouds, phone calls and text messages monitored by the perpetrator is immensely rewarding. Increasing worker awareness of tech abuse is also beneficial to our clients as it is an additional aspect we can discuss with our clients when assessing their safety
  • The training was excellent. all staff came away better prepared to assist clients to keep themselves and their children safe. The practical aspects in particular demystified how to set up phones best to stop perpetrator tracking etc.
  • I think the training was really great- even though I see myself as fairly technologically 'savvy'. Definitely started to see the use of abuse through technology as something a front line worker can have some control in supporting - rather then telling women to stay off social media. Such great stuff

When you offer a phone to a woman who has previously been denied the ability to have one by a perpetrator and she cries, you know this service is making a difference. In some cases it had enabled them to re-connect with extended family for the first time in months, or even years.

DV Support Worker Survey response July 2017

Getting women off technology is not the answer...

Trudy's story

When I realised my phone was being monitored...I was scared. I had lost that freedom as well.

How the Safe Connections program makes an impact

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